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CU101: Membangun Chatbot


Want to create your own chatbots?

This course is perfect for beginners - no programming experience is needed. By the end of this course, you will be able to create powerful chatbots all by yourself.

8 lessons 6 hours to complete

What will I learn?

You will learn how to create chatbots using a simple but powerful technique called template matching. This results in fast and responsive chatbots which can be fully customized.

Our past students have used this course to build chatbots for Education, E-Commerce, Finance and of course, for fun.

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1 (15 mins): Introduction to building chatbots with Smojo .
  • Lesson 2 (60 mins): Types, Things & Templates. Basic concepts about template matching in chatbots.
  • Lesson 3 (60 mins): References & Guards. Extracting information from the user responses.
  • Lesson 4 (30 mins): Logging & Debugging. How to fix problems with your chatbot.
  • Lesson 5 (45 mins): Assoc, Search & Memory. Some simple data models.
  • Lesson 6 (60 mins): Rooms & Keys. Tools to building more complex chatbots.
  • Lesson 7 (60 mins): Quotes and Multi-line responses. Making it easy to add new content.

You should take about 6 hours to complete the entire course.


Sesi 1. Pengenalan

Membangun chatbot dengan Smojo .

Sesi 2. Types, Things & Templates

Konsep dasar bagi membangun chatbot.

Sesi 3. References & Guards

Mengekstrak informasi dari tanggapan pengguna.

Sesi 4. Logging & Debugging

Cara memperbaiki masalah dengan chatbot anda.

Sesi 5. Assoc, Search & Memory

Beberapa model data.

Sesi 6. Rooms & Keys

Cara membangun chatbot yang lebih kompleks.

Sesi 7. Quotes

Memudahkan untuk menambahkan konten baru.

Sesi 8. Persistent Storage

Membuat chatbot yang dapat disesuaikan pengguna.