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Terra AI Privacy Statement

Except if required by law enforcement authorities, Terra AI will never release your personal details to third parties.

We will use your contact details (email or telephone number) for account verification, user notices and Smojo.AI newsletters from which you can unsubscribe anytime.

If you unsubscribe from Smojo.AI, we will delete your personal information and data files after 21 working days. Your chatbots will be cached on our system until they are purged during maintenance.

Smojo.AI Terms and Conditions

You agree to abide by our guidelines for using Smojo.AI facilities:

No Illegal Activity: You agree not to use Smojo.AI facilities for any illegal activity.

No Harassment: You agree not to use Smojo.AI facilities to harass members of the community or the public.

No Abuse: You agree not to abuse Smojo.AI facilities - whether by hacking the system, sharing accounts, denial of service attacks, or in anyway intending to prevent others from using these facilities.

No Guarantees: You agree that Terra AI will run Smojo.AI on a best-effort basis, with no guarantees on performance.

No Liability: You agree to hold Terra AI, its employees and its partners blameless should you experience any loss of any kind through the use of Smojo.AI facilities.

By clicking on "Create Account" you agree to these terms and conditions and further agree that Terra AI has the right to terminate your account without prior notice if it deems you have violated these terms.