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Sugeng Rawuh! Meet Ajeng, who specializes in recommending delicious food and instagrammable places to stay in Yogyakarta!


Recommendation based on your travel period, and your preference in attraction, food, accomodation and souvenir


  1. Tourism recommendation from attraction, cultural, natural until amusement park
  2. Food recommendation, choose your snacks or heavy meals during your trip!
  3. Accommodation based on your budget!
  4. Yogyakarta's Souvenir for the loves one


  1. AI4IMPACT Save Tourism Challenge - 3rd Winner
  2. AI4IMPACT Save Tourism Challenge - Finalist

Created by:

Sekar Ayu Ningsih, Valentino Paksidena Griffith Valeryan, Cipta Andistya Juang Tugas Mulia