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Halo! Welcome to AsikAja! Practice interview with me! I will provide expert tips on how to improve your interview answers


An AI chatbot about job interviews called ASIKAJA (Ayo Siap Interview Kerja which means Let's Get Ready for a Job Interview). The purpose of this job interview chatbot is to help users prepare themselves for a job interview.

The main feature of this chatbot is to provide interview practice to help add to the user experience so that they feel more confident when undergoing interviews. This chatbot can provide useful suggestions and tips on how to answer questions, provide sample answers and provide feedback evaluation of user answers. With this chatbot, users can access useful information about job interviews anytime and anywhere, so that it can help increase their chances of getting the job they want during a job interview.

Through this chatbot, we hope to help millions of people secure jobs in any field of work they want.

Code Template Ease of USe

Level: Intermediate

Knowledge Pre-Requisites: CU101 (Chapter 1,2,6,7) , GPT101


  1. Useful interview tips and commentary, powered by ChatGPT
  2. ChatGPT-generated modal answers for specific interviews
  3. Huge selections of job roles from various industries
  4. Simple & bite-size learning content displayed on conversational UI format


  1. AI4IMPACT Career Scholarship 2.0 - LLM Applications

Created by

Fatwa Dwi Hidayat