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Bzztttt! I'mBusbee!😙 Always buzzy thinking how to help you ride smarter and enjoy our public bus rides.


Looking to find nearest bustops and bus arrival timing? With simple-to-use and friendly interface, you will be able to find your best bus routes in no time! Busbee is designed with elderlies in mind. We select high-contrast colours so you can view the bus arrival time during bright day when there is a lot of sunlight.


  1. 1-click access to find bus arrival timings and nearby bustops
  2. Location-specific recommendation (geotagging)
  3. Save as favorite features for instant access to your favorite bus stops


  1. NLB-AI4IMPACT LearnX Community Chatbot for Smart City - 3rd Winner
  2. AI4IMPACT Certificate of Excellence (Dec 2021)

Created by

Sieh Ai Hua, Tan Heng Wee, Wee Li Hui