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Hi! My name is Byuty (Beauty & Healthy)! Unlock your Beauty Potential with Byuty!

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Perkenalkan Byuty Bot, guru kecantikan pribadi dalam dunia digital. Byuty Bot memberikan rekomendasi kosmetik yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan unikmu. Mulai dari skin tone, shades, hingga kebutuhan makeup

Code Template Ease of USe

Level: Advanced

Knowledge Pre-Requisites: CU101 (Chapter 1,2,6,7) , Data Collection, Database


  1. Personalized recommendation system based on 3-4 user parameters
  2. Beautiful UI/UX designed for female audiences looking for make ups and beauty advices
  3. Seamless connection with CSV Database. Update your product database on CSV without modifying the chatbot code

Created by

Farrel Adel Muhammad, Aprillia Trisnawaty