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Elcha Bot


Want to learn English in a fun, personalized way? Practice conversation with ElchaBot! You will learn new English expressions and get feedback on your grammar.


ELCHA BOT aims to help millions of people learn English in an interactive and fun way, like talking to best friends. By combining elements of emotional expression and conversational practice, ELCHA BOT helps users continuously improve their English skills in a practical and creative way, without being afraid of making mistakes.

Code Template Ease of USe

Level: Intermediate

Knowledge Pre-Requisites: CU101 (Chapter 1,2,6,7) , GPT101


  1. Useful grammar and expression check, powered by ChatGPT
  2. 3 Pre-defined avatars to provide users options who should they practice their English with
  3. Interactive learning experience with friendly conversational tone.
  4. Simple & bite-size learning content displayed on conversational UI format


  1. AI4IMPACT Career Scholarship 2.0 - LLM Applications

Created by

Arianto Pakaang