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Hey there! I know things aren't looking so bright right now, so talk to me, how are you feeling? If you feel like things are too much for you, it's always best to speak to a professional.


Our mental health chatbot aims to give tips and cheer up those suffering mentally. Includes other activities to help keep the mood up with riddles, music, short stories, quotes and videos. Lastly, we wish to connect those who are in need of immediate help to existing hotlines and help available in Singapore.


  1. Explore the collection of tips and activities to boost your mental well-being and uplift your mood. The resources are designed to help you feel happier and more positive
  2. Professional Care Option


AI4IMPACT X NTU Chatbot for Mental Health - Completion

Created by:

Sean Yong Kai Jie, Ng Zu Wei, Jovin, Aden Ong Yew, Qian Cheng, Adrian Alviento