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Have you ever felt tired, bored, and found everything meaningless? Good4U is here to help overcome mental issues and share daily dose of happiness This chatbot is developed by NTU students as part of solving youth mental health challenges in Singapore.


Welcome to Good4u chatbot. Let’s get to know the 4 of us - your friends in the journey of coping with your mental issues! Our chatbot will help you do quick mental health check-up, share happiness tips, and direct you to professional consultants if you really need help.


  1. 4 characters to alleviate mental health issues, depending on the severity
  2. Beautiful UI/UX with immersive multimedias
  3. Subtle, survey questions to help diagnose mental health issues
  4. Professional helpline to direct users to healthcare consultants for severe issues


  1. NTU CAO X AI4IMPACT Chatbots for Mental Health - 1st Winner
  2. AI4IMPACT Certificate of Excellence

Created by

Luong Quang Tuan, Pham Thuy Linh, Tran Huu Nghia, Tran Thuy Duong