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Hi, job seeker! This chatbot is designed to provide Career Guidance. Create a one-stop-shop solution to address unemployment issues and allow job-seekers to effectively find the right fit for themselves efficiently.


This chatbot is one which seeks to help job-seekers (both fresh graduates and working adults) discover job opportunities or (new) types of jobs that one may not actually exist be it jobs within the same industry or jobs from different industries (aka career change)


Level: Intermediate Knowledge Pre-Requisites: CU101 (Chapter 1,2,6,7) , GPT 101


  1. Virtual Career advisor chatbot
  2. Recommendations job opportunities platform and proffesional support for job seekers
  3. find the most appropriate career advice that will aid you in your future endeavours, Powered by ChatGPT.
  4. Interactive experience with friendly conversational tone.
  5. Simple & bite-size education content displayed on conversational UI format


  1. NLB X AI4IMPACT Chatbot For Non-Programmers: Generative AI - Certificate of Excellence

Created by

Eileen Quek Ee Ling, Jerry Quek Jun Wei, Ong Shu Peng, Ong Xin Min