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Hello!! My name is Karla I'm here to recommend you daily habits and activity lists related to sustainable living.🌱


Looking for daily habits and activities that promote sustainability Karla is designed for corporates and individuals who are looking to introduce sustainable living in their workplace or home.

This chatbot is designed for Urban Origins (


  1. Personalized activity recommendations based on topics and personal lifestyles
  2. Bite-size, quick tips for busy professionals
  3. Simple, elegant UI/UX that optimizes conversion to call-to-action (CTA)



  1. NLB-AI4IMPACT LearnX Community Chatbot for Non-Programmers #Support Local - 2nd Winner
  2. AI4IMPACT Certificate of Excellence (Feb 2023)

Created by

Christina Lye, David Sin, Jenny Tan, Kwok Pei Fang, Wan Yoke May