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Hi, I'm Mellow! I provide daily tips, mental diagnostic tests, and clinic recommendations if you need immediate help This chatbot is developed by NTU students as part of solving youth mental health challenges in Singapore.


Welcome to Mellow! Need immediate help? Mellow provides you quick daily tips and recommend nearest clinics or hospitals you can visit. Check out our fun, secret feature by chatting with us!


  1. Simple, UI/UX interface with bite-size recommendations
  2. Clinics and Hospitals locator for professional help
  3. Professional helpline for severe issues
  4. Music playlist recommendation to help you gain some positivity


  1. NTU CAO X AI4IMPACT Chatbots for Mental Health - 2nd Runner-Up
  2. AI4IMPACT Certificate of Excellence

Created by

Sheng Xiaxi, Shi Tianhe, Zhou Anqi