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Welcome Parents! My name is PlayMax. It's a beautiful day to venture out with your kids. I will help you recommend nearest playgrounds in Singapore.

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Looking for air-themed playgrounds, park mazes, or flying fox activities in Singapore? Playmax is here for you! We will help you find nearest park destinations based on you current location, recommend some activities and bus routes to get there!

Code Template Ease of USe

Level: Intermediate

Knowledge Pre-Requisites: CU101 (Chapter 1,2,6,7) , Busby Template


  1. Playground recommendations and highlights
  2. Location-specific recommendation
  3. Real-time weather updates
  4. Bus route recommendations (updated in minutes)


  1. NLB-AI4IMPACT LearnX Community Chatbot for Smart City - 2nd Winner
  2. AI4IMPACT Certificate of Excellence (Dec 2021)

Created by

Loo Wei Hann, Lynette Ong, William Ng