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Your ultimate guide to the Lion City's top attractions and recommendations!


Explore Singapore like a local with our 1-day itinerary plan, popular and hidden places, local delicacies, and ongoing discounts. You can also select your preferred location for added convenience.


  1. Exclusive 1-day itinerary plan from the creator as the local
  2. Food, savor the flavors of Singapore's famous local delicacies
  3. Places
  4. Perks, enjoy exclusive discounts to make the most out of your trip
  5. Location, with the flexibility to choose your desired location, you can explore the vibrant city at your own pace and convenience


  1. AI4IMPACT Save Tourism Challenge - Certificate of Excellence
  2. AI4IMPACT Save Tourism Challenge - Finalist

Created by:

Ng Yan Qing, Ng Yan Ting, Nguyen Tuan Minh, Shaun Tieon Wei Jie