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Hello I am Tracey-B and welcome to Hundred Acre Woods! In here you can learn more about my friends who each have unique personalities.


With this chatbot, you'll have the opportunity to educate yourself about various mental illnesses, as well as access self-assessment tools to help you identify any signs or symptoms you may be experiencing, and then receive guidance on where to find the necessary support and resources to address these concerns.


  1. Provides self-assessment for Depression, Anxiety and Eating disorders to highlight potential risk
  2. Provides hotlines and websites targeted to Depression, Anxiety and Eating disorders based on estimated severity of illness
  3. Provides information guide on symptoms and tips and tricks to alleviate them


  1. NTU CAO X AI4IMPACT Chatbots for Mental Health - 1st Winner
  2. AI4IMPACT Certificate of Excellence

Created by:

Hung Kuo Chen , Celine Tan, Rhea Kenneth, Agnes Tan Ziqi , Bong Jia Hui